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Mynths second album "PARALLELS" is knowingly playing with melancholic vibes. While the previous album Plaat || mostly focused on dejection, they now try with PARALLELS to slightly break through this cheerless mood and let in some cautious optimism combined with a bit of gallows humor. Therefore you can really hear a difference in the sound, which changed into something what could be described as fleet- footed, poppy, airy and definitely more colorful (I don't do black, I paint with colors only). This new mood definitely suits them and accompanies the new production process, which focused more on a band setting followed by live recordings of all the samples and instrumentals. The guitar is now more included in the process and plays a substantial role even if the usage is subtle. To break familiar patterns they changed the complete set of synthesizers they worked with and used them for new sound landscapes. Since the release of Plaat || they strongly focused on playing live, which brought them amongst other countries to Mexico, Bulgaria, Israel and France. In March 2017 they were nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award and actually won in the category Electronic- Dance.

Although the album is called PARALLELS there has happened a decisive transformation because the title is not only relating to the parallels in the sound, it is more a story about the formation process of the record. Again the twins where miles apart when they wrote most of the songs (Gio lived in Berlin, Mario in Vienna) and where just connected through the music they produce. They worked in a parallel process but at the end there where songs that developed and formed the new sound of MYNTH. At the end you can say that PARALLELS is a very intimate conversation and exchange between siblings, who didn't see each other in a long time: wistfully but slightly smiling.