Upcoming shows

Rockhouse, Salzburg, Austria
Friday, 19.02.2021
Milla, Munich, Germany
Saturday, 20.02.2021
Orpheum, Graz, Austria
Thursday, 25.02.2021
WUK, Vienna, Austria
Friday, 26.02.2021
Werkstätten- & Kulturhaus (WUK), Vienna, Austria
Friday, 26.02.2021

'LAUREL' is out on April 10 and is the first single from MYNTH’s 3rd studio album (SHADES | MYNTH), which will be released in September 2020. With their new single, the twins Giovanna and Mario have refined the sound of MYNTH, whilst maintaining their signature electronic trip hop vibe. In ‘LAUREL’ the guitar is at the forefront, creating gloomy and edgy mood, balanced with a dreamlike state of mind.

'LAUREL' is an unobtrusive companion on the road to nowhere on a mild spring night, providing insight into a bizarre and surreal world of sounds and images. Director of the video Gabriel Hyden worked with the twins, and all three took inspiration from David Lynch to bring their vision to life. They play with impressions of a foreign sphere. In the context of self-isolation, emotions are taking shape and embody a nightmarish feeling of oppression, which occasionally gets burst by hopeful sunrays and bright soundscapes.

It’s when loneliness and lust for life ask the protagonist for a dance, she realizes she’s trapped in her own dull and seemingly perfect world, owning everything she needs. But more and more she’s losing the ability to live in the moment. Everything moves past her, she tries to figure out what’s happening in the world, and in her loneliness she almost becomes the voyeur of these little puppets out there in the carousel that rotates ever faster. A spinning top that draws the audience into madness. "I run away, I run away" - over and over, we run away.